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Red or white wine ?

Usually, red wine comes along with the cheeseboard but it doesn’t always make the perfect match. White wines are better with most of the cheeses, such as goat and blue cheeses.

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Healthy Cheese

Too many calories and too much fat, that is how cheese is often referred to.

Made from a few simple ingredients and mostly milk, cheeses offer important nutrients such as calcium, high quality protein and phosphorus. A reasonable consumption gives you the adequate intakes through a balanced diet.

Gluten Free

Unless ingredients have been added, most cheeses are gluten free. To be sure, the food label ingredient list will surely inform you if any wheat, barley or rye aren’t added.

For Children

Calcium and proteins are essential nutrients for a healthy children’s growth. Cheese provides high quality proteins and is a natural source of calcium. Also, cheese may help children eat more vegetables and fruits. Brocolis will taste better with grated cheeses. Trying to combine fruits with cheese can also be fun.

Low Carbs

Cheese are perfect for people who want to reduce carbohydrates in their diet. Unless ingredients or flavours are added, such as honey, fruits or nuts most of the cheese contain few or even no carbohydrate. For exemple, Merci Chef plain goat bûchette 125g contains only 0.67g per servings (28g).


It is true that the cheeses are high in fat, without them, they would not be as smooth and tasty. With 65% of saturated fatty acids which excess is harmful, they are therefore essential to the proper functioning of the body. Consumed in reasonable quantities, cheese products fit perfectly in a balanced diet.

If you want to enjoy a cheese while limiting your intake of fatty acids, it is better to take a fresh cheese than a pressed cooked.


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