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Cheese and more
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Red or white wine ?

Usually, red wine comes along with the cheeseboard but it doesn’t always make the perfect match. White wines are better with most of the cheeses, such as goat and blue cheeses.

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Cheese and food pairings

400 When looking for new recipes, the Chefs mix flavours and textures. Like them, you can try to combine cheese with different foods or condiments, all the aromas will be released.

Cheese and bread : the perfect match
Bread is the indispensable partner of cheese. Allow three to four slices or pieces of bread per person. Baguette, whole wheat bread, walnut or raisin bread... there is plenty of choice!


Cheese and fruits : sweet and salty
Fruits: black and white grapes, fresh figs, ...
Dried fruits: date plums, figs, raisins, dried apricots, ...

Cheese and condiment : the flavours exalted
Flavor enhancers: mustard, paprika, pine nuts or toasted pumpkin seeds. Some hard cheeses are even tastier with honey, fig jam, pear syrup or fruit chutney.
Nuts: walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, dried coconut, ...


Cheese and vegetables : the fresh touch
They offer a refreshing break between two different cheeses. Cucumber and radishes reduce the flavours of full-bodied blues, while a very thin slice fennel neutralizes the taste of traditional ripened goat cheese.


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